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Nylon FDY refers to the introduction of stretching in the spinning process to obtain a winding yarn with high orientation and medium crystallinity, which is a fully drawn nylon yarn.Learn more about how nylon yarn is made.
This type of product has a wide range of uses. It is a good material that replaces steel, iron, copper and other metals with plastic, and is an important engineering plastic; cast nylon widely replaces wear-resistant parts of mechanical equipment, and replaces copper and alloys as wear-resistant parts of equipment . It is suitable for the production of wear-resistant parts, transmission structural parts, household appliances parts, automobile manufacturing parts, screw preventive mechanical parts, chemical machinery parts, and chemical equipment. Such as turbines, gears, bearings, impellers, cranks, dashboards, drive shafts, valves, blades, screw rods, high-pressure washers, screws, nuts, sealing rings, shuttles, sleeves, bushing connectors, etc.

Nylon is mainly filament, and there is also a small amount of nylon staple fiber. Nylon filament is mainly used to make strong yarn for the production of socks, underwear, sports shirts, etc.

1- Nylon Monofilament Yarn - 产品头图

Nylon monofilament is a synthetic fiber filament formed by polycondensation reaction and melt spinning with adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine or caprolactam.

Nylon monofilament yarn is divided into thicknesses. Large diameter, with poor knitability, can only be used as fishing line, string, rope, tennis racket material, etc.; small diameter, can be used to weave women’s long and short socks, pantyhose, gauze, filters, screens, Stage curtain, etc. Due to the poor lightfastness and lightfastness of nylon yarn, it is not suitable for use as material under sunlight conditions.

The main performance of nylon filament: high strength, small breaking, high transparency, more than 200 kinds of color samples, and color matching according to customer requirements, it can still maintain good elasticity and resistance to flexure at low temperatures, and good biological compatibility. The human body produces allergic reactions, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. Fishing net series products (nylon monofilament, nylon monofilament mesh, netting, etc.) mesh range is 10MM—670MM; wire diameter range is nylon monofilament 0.1MM—0.8MM; nylon multifilament 210D/2 strands—210D/15 At the same time, it can produce various color meshes according to customer requirements.

The properties of nylon monofilament yarn are shown below:

1- Nylon Filament Yarn HMLS - 产品头图

HMLS refers to high modulus low shrinkage, which is the performance of a polyester industrial yarn. In addition, there are high-strength low-extension type (ordinary standard type), high-modulus low-shrinkage type, high-strength low-shrinkage type, and active type. High modulus and low shrinkage polyester industrial yarn has excellent properties such as high breaking strength, high elastic modulus, low elongation, and good impact resistance. It has a tendency to gradually replace ordinary standard polyester industrial yarn in tires and mechanical rubber products.

Nylon HMLS yarn is a new type of polyester-based fiber cord with the characteristics of nylon. The characteristics of high rate of fatigue and fatigue resistance endow the new polyester cord with the composite performance of two fiber cords.

The properties of HMLS nylon filament yarn are shown below:

1 - Nylon FDY High Tenacity Stretch 产品头图

High stretch yarn refers to a fabric woven from textured fibers. High-elastic textured yarn referred to as high-elastic yarn, is a kind of stretch textured yarn. The synthetic fiber filament is deformed into a spiral loop after one heating and has a high elasticity rate. It is made of chemical fiber filament after one heating and deformation. Spiral shape, high elasticity rate, called high-elastic yarn, the product made is called high-elastic fabric.

After false twisting, the originally smooth silk becomes a small spring-like curl.

The crimp elongation rate can reach 170 – 250%, and it can be stretched repeatedly to 2-3 times the original length.

High-stretch textured yarn is used for products that require high elasticity. It is generally used for knitting and processing long stockings, swimming suits, etc. The finished product has the characteristics of plump, thick, and close-fitting.

Mainly processing raw silk nylon. Thermoplastic fibers such as polyester and polypropylene can also be used.

The properties of high tenacity high stretch nylon FDY are shown below:

1-封面-Nylon FDY Dope Dyed High Tenacity - 产品头图

High tenacity yarn: refers to the yarn that can withstand a tensile force greater than 8 grams per denier. High tenacity yarn is suitable for webbing with higher tensile requirements, such as webbing for mountaineering and rock climbing, webbing for lifting heavy objects, etc. On the contrary, general tenacity yarn refers to yarns’ tolerable tension less than 8 gram/denier. For example, Taiwan Jisheng Nylon Yarn FDY 200D/24F, whose tolerable tension is ≥4.5 gram/denier, is a general tenacity yarn, which is suitable for making ordinary tension webbing and acting on luggage and so on.

High Tenacity Nylon FDY Uses:

Cord fabrics, safety belts, industrial fabrics, conveyor belts, nets, ropes, cables, sewing threads, sportswear and civilian fabrics, etc.

The properties of dope dyed high tenacity nylon FDY are shown below:

1 - Nylon FDY High Tenacity - 产品头图

Nylon yarn has good strength and good abrasion resistance, ranking first among all fibers. Its abrasion resistance is 10 times that of cotton fiber, 10 times that of dry viscose fiber, and 140 times that of wet fiber. Therefore, its durability is excellent. The hygroscopicity of nylon fabric is a better variety among synthetic fiber fabrics, so clothes made of nylon are more comfortable to wear than polyester garments. It has good resistance to moth and corrosion.

Nylon high tenacity yarn can be used in industrial textiles, such as industrial filter cloth, papermaking felt, and conveyor belts. In addition, in aerospace, nylon fiber is also an ideal material for parachutes, anti-G suits, space suits, aircraft arrest cables, and hot air balloons.

The properties of high tenacity nylon FDY are shown below:

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