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The high quality of yarn products is Salud Yarn’s most basic guarantee to every cooperative customer.

The high quality of yarn products is Salud Yarn’s most basic guarantee to every cooperative customer.

In Salud’s factory, the quality control department uses professional textile testing equipment to test yarn products during raw material procurement, production process and shipment, and strives to ensure the color fastness, strength, moisture regain of customers, etc. Parameter requirements.

Before new yarn products and new textile production processes are used in actual production, intermediate tests are required to solve a series of technical problems. This situation is more complicated. The Salud Yarn team has 15 years of yarn production experience and 13 years of new yarn development experience, which can meet the new product development needs of most customers.

In the past cooperation, Salud Yarn’s R&D department has successively developed functional yarns in addition to antibacterial yarns and flame-retardant yarns and applied new solutions to the production process to ensure customers’ cost advantages and competitiveness. Our professionals follow international standards and continue to develop ideal products that meet regional requirements.


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