Packing & Shipping Process

Every time the container arrives, we will double-check it. We will check whether the container is in good condition.

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#1 Checking the Container

Every time the container arrives, we will double-check it. We will check whether the container is in good condition. The bottom side and the top side are related to the firmness of the entire container. We will check the container for cracks and other broken places, which is to ensure the safety of the cargo on rainy or bad weather days during transportation. So, before we load the goods, we will check whether there is any problem with the container. If the container is OK, we will start loading and shipping. But if there is any problem, we will return the container and change it to a new one immediately.

#2 Packing According to the Customer’s Demand

After the overseas customers ordering our goods, they may have some requirements for packaging. Therefore, we will inspect the goods before every load. Then we will affix the labels required by the customer. Every time, we will record the whole process of loading. Let’s have a look at the loading process. Now you can see that there is a label on each package, which is the specified requirements by customers.

For example, he asked to write down the country and the product model they want. We will affix labels according to customer requirements so that the customer will have no problem when receiving the goods.

#3 Finishing Packing and Shipping

We will keep the customer’s seal number, and give it to the customer after every loading. At the same time, we will inform the customer that we have finished loading.


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