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Salud Yarn is the leading nylon yarn and polyester yarn manufacturer in China. Our yarn factory was established in Huizhou China in 2006, with advanced yarn manufacturing equipment, yarn testing device and R&D department. In 2008, we added a new factory and started producing polyester yarn also. In 2010, we established an overseas sales department in Dongguan China. Now in 2021, as the company continues to develop and grow, our output of synthetic yarn(nylon yarn & polyester yarn) reaches 1,000 tons/month, having strong cooperation with 100+ customers in the textile industry from 30+ countries every single year.

We are a yarn factory owned by Salud Style.

Our factory meets the ISO: 9001 production standard and the products have also passed Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GRS certification. The product range covers nylon DTY, FDY, multifilament, monofilament and polyester DTY, FDY, multifilament, monofilament, which are widely used in webbing, tire cord, home textiles, clothing textiles, aerospace, and various industries that require high yarn strength fields.

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In order to achieve long-term and stable win-win cooperation, while ensuring product quality, we will provide our customers with reasonable factory quotations based on the yarn market and the price of raw materials. We will not reduce the cost of yarn products at the expense of quality, unless customers require us to do so based on the production conditions of their factories.

We have established a chemical fiber yarn research and development department. Therefore, in addition to providing customers with conventional yarn varieties, we can also develop various functional yarns for customers, such as ultra-high-strength yarns for making body armor, or high-temperature-resistant yarns for fire-fighting equipment.

We also have two dyeing factories with different processes at the same time, which can provide high temperature dyeing service and jet dyeing service for any yarn.


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We have a stable foreign trade team with more than 10 years of international trade experience, which can solve most of the problems encountered in cooperation. If you are trying to buy yarn products directly from overseas yarn origin countries for the first time, then we will be your best choice.

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