Nylon FDY High Tenacity Stretch

Nylon FDY High Tenacity Stretch

Salud Yarn Best Quality Nylon FDY High Tenacity 150-600D Factory, With testing equipment to meet customer’s new yarn development and production coordination.

Nylon FDY High Tenacity FDY has High strength and fracture resistance, with a bright gloss. Its strength is 50~70% higher than the standard yarn, and its wear resistance is 50~100% higher than the standard yarn. Fabrics made from High Tenacity FDY increase their durability and tear resistance. Nylon FDY High Tenacity FDY provides excellent performance for a variety of industrial and enhanced textile applications.

Nylon FDY High Tenacity FDY applications: industrial fabrics and all kinds of woven, knitted, or circular knitting products, as well as ropes, sewing threads, ribbons, conveyor belts, work clothes, etc.

Specifications & Properties
of Nylon FDY High Tenacity Stretch

Product name Item Spec. Breaking strength Breaking tenacity Breaking tenacity (%) Elongation at break (%) Dry heat shrinkage (%)
Nylon High Stretch Yarn FDY Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 30D-600D 2.3-30 7 1 38 3
Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 600D-1200D 30-80 7 1 38 3
Unit D N cN/dtex % % %
Actual result 1200D-1890D 80-140 7 1 38 3
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